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A-grade Superior quality Energy Diet Tea for health!  A strong, concentrated, bright green, fresh, fragrant and rich Powdered Energy Health Tea.  Very strong in flavour and high in alkaloids as well as an absolute powerhouse of raw nutrition.  Finely ground pure Energy Diet Tea powder which is harvested sustainably in the Ancient Natural organic way, free from chemical fertilizers and watered with natural non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated sources.  The process of proper harvesting and expert slow cool shade drying helps in retaining the nutrients, Essential Oils and strong raw natural alkaloid content.

There are many health benefits that comes with this Energy Diet Tea such as alleviating the pain of headache, wounds, sores, colic, rheumatism; stimulating stomach function, treating colds, asthma, motion sickness, altitude sickness, laryngeal fatigue and other ailments, causing sedation, promoting physical fitness and weight loss by suppressing the appetite of obese individuals, stimulating concentration, enhancing cognitive function.  It has also been known to be able to treat chronic anemia, osteoporosis, depression and leukemia. 

Energy Diet Tea is also able to help those suffering from diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels – helping to lower blood sugar that is too high and raise blood sugar levels that is too low hence helping to keep blood sugar concentrations in places where the body really needs it.

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