Why Pure MSM?

Why Pure MSM?
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NutraPlan OptiMSM sells the only 99.9% Pure Methylsuflfonylmethane (MSM) produced by Bergstrom Nutrition, USA.

Why Pure MSM?

NutraPlan OptiMSM is sourced from Bergstrom Nutrition, USA which produces the only 99.9% Pure Methylsuflfonylmethane (MSM), the ONLY GRAS designated MSM in the World, the ONLY 4 times distilled for purity, the ONLY MSM supported by double-blind clinical research, the ONLY MSM with guaranteed ongoing rigorous analytical testing and the ONLY brand of MSM which comes with published, peer-reviewed safety data.

Finding the purest MSM is of utmost importance to your health.  Currently there are numerous companies selling MSM products however most of them are rather ambiguous and does not inform their consumers where their MSM is sourced from.  To know whether you are buying the purest MSM, just look out for OptiMSM ®.  If the products do not mention OptiMSM ®, then it definitely does not come from Bergstrom Nutrition, USA.

Cheaper MSM is often source from China which uses cheap crystallization methods and may contain unwanted extras such as residual water, heavy metals and environmental contaminants such as pesticides and other pollutants.  No companies in China can ever make any MSM with the purity and quality controls of OptiMSM from Bergstrom Nutrition.  By consuming contaminated MSM, you are at risk of inadvertently consuming heavy metals and other pollutants which may cause more harm than good.  So make sure to always buy from brands which are selling OptiMSM ®, like NutraPlan.  The OptiMSM logo guarantees that you will be getting the original purest MSM that is patented and licensed to be sold within the United States as well as throughout the world as a dietary supplement and is always guaranteed to be 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane.

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