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Kukicha tea, also known as Twig Tea, is made from the stems of the camellia sinensis plant and is a very popular tea in Japan.  Sipping the stem of the plant provides more of an earthy flavour as compared to the lighter, sweeter flavour of the leaves.  The stems of the plant, which nourishes the leaves, can provide a super dose of antioxidants.  Drinking Kukicha tea can help you in controlling blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterel as well as helping. you to burn fat.  The reason why Kukicha Tea is so popular is due to its alkalizing benefits and its ability to help lower acidity in the body.

Kukicha tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold and has long been a staple tea in Japan, where macrobiotic living is popular, making it a sip of choice.  Traditonally, Kukicha tea is steeped 3-4 times, with the best durations for each steeping being about 40 seconds, then 20, then another 35, or thereabouts, allowing for missed counting.  The main thing to remember is long-short-long.  Avoid over-steeping as the tea can taste awful.

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