Organic Inca Berries

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The Inca berry, also known as Aztec berry, Cape gooseberry, Peruvian ground cherry or Golden berry is native to Tropical South America.  This mouth-watering tangy super fruit is well-known for its therapeutic and antioxidant effects on the body.  Inca Berries have always been a valuable source of food and a traditional medicine for the indigenous tribes for centuries.  They have been used to treat diseases and conditions that includes leukaemia, malaria, cancer, diabetes, asthma, dermatitis, rheumatism and hepatitis as well as promoting healthy boowel movements and preventing toxin build-ups in the body.

Its culinary uses includes making them an ideal ingredient for raw cakes, biscuits and chocalate, a delicous tangy topping for desserts, a perfect accompaniment for cheese platters and a perfect addition to homemade trail mix.

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