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Superfoods Organic Mesquite powder, also known as Mesquite flour or Mesquite meal, is nutritious, gluten free and high protein, containing about 11-17% protein, making it a very good natural substitute for those avoiding gluten and white flours.  Due to its high solute fiber content, it does not cause blood sugar spikes which normally happens with traditional sugars and white flours hence helping you to feel fuller for a longer period.  Since the sugar from Mesquite is in the form of fructose, it helps in maintaining a constant blood sugar level over a sustained time period thus insulin is not required for metabolism.  This helps in supporting the diet of diabetics as well as maintaining a healthy insulin system in others.

Mesquite powder, a very versatile ingredient, is also low on glycemic index number making it a great natural alternative to regular sweeteners in baked goods, breads, biscuits and other types of foods.  It also tastes great in coffees, teas, smoothies, yogurt due to its sweet and nutty flavour with a slight hint of caramel.  For baked goods, substitute about 25 percent of traditional flour or wheat flour with Mesquite powder and reduce amount of sweeteners and other types of sugars in your recipe since Mesquite is naturally sweet.  

In addition, Mesquite also contains considerable amounts of iron, lysine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, dietary fiber and potassium which are so needed by the body.

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