Organic Red Quinoa

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Quinoa is a grain that was cultivated in ancient Incan Civilization especially in Bolivia, Chile and Peru.  There are many types of quinoa which can come in many hues and colors however the most commonly used ones are those that is a pale ivory shade and a dark red variety called the Inca Red Quinoa.  Red quinoa was consumed by the Inca Warriors as it was believed to give them added strength and energy when out at war.  In fact they worshipped the red seeds hence they were sold as "Inca Red Quinoa" to this day.

Red quinoa ranges in color from vivid orange to dark red however it can lose its original coloring, actually turning brown when cooked.  As it can retain its shape even after cooking, it is ideal to be used in cold salad recipes.

Red quinoa is suitable for those cannot eat gluten-rich foods and who need to avoid dairy products since it is gluten-free.  It is high in manganese which can help to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain strong and healthy bones.  It is easily digestable and contains a low glycemic index hence making it a good diet for diabetics.

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