Sencha Green Tea

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Sencha green tea actually originates from Kyoto, Japan and offers a more refined taste as compared to other types of green tea.  Its bittersweet taste complements seafood and chocolate very well.  Sencha green tea shares the same health benefits found in other types of green tea.

Similar to green tea, drinking Sencha green tea provides the same health benefit of strengthening the tooth enamel resulting in fewer cavities.  It also helps in reducing plaque buildup and bacterial infections invading the mouth.  

Sencha green tea also has very high antioxidant properties making it a natural way to help increase your immunity.  Other health benefits include lowring high blood pressure and reducing overal cholesterol making it effective in the prevention of heart disease and strokes.  It can also help reguate blood sugar levels in diabetic people and can even help prevent the onset of the disease.  It can also help prevent and treat cancer.

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